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Main Street P&C helps individuals, agencies, corporations finding the best insurance package that fits perfectly for their needs.

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We care, work and get responsibility for your safety.

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Guarantee For Your Happiness And Assurance Since 1976!

Main Street P&C offers property and casualty coverage for personal and commercial starting from August 25,1976. We help individuals, agencies, corporations finding the best insurance package that fits perfectly for their requirements and needs.

Established since 1976
Over 52,000 clients
15,000 clients in the last five years

Get the coverage you need for you and your business!

Insurance Services
Auto Insurance

Wherever roads sent you, take security with you. We’ll help you evaluate your needs and find the best insurance package for your auto, ensuring your safety and confidence.

Insurance Services
Homeowner’s Insurance

No place like home, make sure it’s insured. Give yourself and your family a peace of mind knowing that your home is protected no matter the threats that may happen.

Insurance Services
Business Insurance

A business can be a lifetime investment. Protecting your business, assets and property it allows you to grow without any hassle. We’ll make sure you choose the right coverage.

Insurance Services
Renters Insurance

Renters insurance coverage it’s perfect if you are renting a place to live, no matter if it’s a flat or a home, you can choose to protect this property and insure you personal assets.

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