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Why you need property insurance?

To replace property loss caused by a natural disaster

To replace property loss caused by theft

To cover your business in the event of negligence

To provide for lost income

To cover your commercial vehicles.

Who needs Property Insurance?

Are owners of a commercial office or building

Operate the business in a rental commercial office or building. Many landlords require commercial property coverage

Have valuable property such as furniture, machinery, computers, equipment, or other tools

Keep inventory or work-in-progress

Handle property that belongs to others

Two types of property insurance:

Our valuable property is vulnerable as a result of a variety of other events such as electrical surges, fire, flood, accidental disasters. Main Street P&C will provide your business with the insurance coverages your particular type of enterprise requires.

Property insurance refers to a series of policies that offer either property protection or liability coverage.
Property insurance can include homeowners insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, among other policies.

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