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Renters insurance coverage it’s perfect if you are renting a place to live, no matter if it’s a flat or a home, you can choose to protect this property and insure you personal assets in this property from theft or other damages. With this coverage you can insure the items that you own inside the rental building, including electronics and gadgets like televisions and computers,furniture, bicycles and clothing. You may also include in the coverage the items you leave in your rental garage and in your driveway.

What Renters Insurance Covers?

Commonly covered items include:

Electronics and appliances
Furniture and clothing
Extra expenses if property is uninhabitable due to a covered loss
Accidental damage to someone else's property
Medical expenses and/or legal fees if someone is injured on your property

Renters insurance also includes in case of any injury of another person in your rented home or apartment. If any person is hurt in your rental apartment, and it suspected to be your fault, that person can file a liability claim with your insurance company to cover the costs associated with the injury. If the injured person chooses to file a lawsuit against you, your renters liability insurance would pay for your legal defense, up to the limits set on your policy. If you do not have renters insurance, these costs would be your responsibility to pay out of pocket.

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