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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Medical Care

Workers’ Compensation covers doctor’s visits including medically necessary equipment, like crutches, braces or a wheelchair. This coverage may also pay for chiropractic treatment, acupuncture or counseling.


Serious injuries may require rehabilitative services such as physical therapy that helps employees recover. Workers’ Compensation also covers the rehabilitation that workers need to regain skills or abilities required for the job.


The death benefit in Workers’ Comp plan covers the financial contributions the workers make totheir dependents. It is payment to their family, their spouse, parent, child or sibling and based on a percentage of worker’s earnings.


This coverage pays the employees the wages they lose while recovering from illness or injury. There are four types of disability it can cover.

Types of Disability:

Temporary partial disability prohibits workers from performing certain duties of theirjob for a limited period of time.

Temporary total disability prevents workers from working at all for a limited period of time.

Permanent partial disability describes permanent impairment that partially hinders workers ability to work.

Permanent total disability means the injured employee will never return to their current or a similar job. The amount of Worker’s Comp money the workers receive for a disability depends on how much they earned before injury or illness occurred. It’s typically capped at two-thirds of their wages. Additionally, there’s often a waiting period before the injured worker can receive disability payments, and they do not pay income tax on this income.

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