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Builders Risk Insurance package it’s dedicated to properties that are still under construction. This coverage protects the contractor’s materials and property that is part of the building constructed. Materials, equipment or any goods related to the building being constructed is covered by builder’s risk insurance. In addition, this insurance also includes protection against risks like earthquake, fire, weather or water damage and theft. This policy usually is eligible until the project is completed.

Builders Risk Insurance

Commonly this insurance policy is written with three-month, six or one-year terms. However, if the project is still ongoing after the insurance policy expires, than there is the possibility to extend coverage for a certain period of time.

Main Street P&C insurance experts guides throughout the best insurance coverage that your business needs during the process of construction to protect their property and assets.

Owners often have no choice but to build in catastrophe-prone areas that are vulnerable regions. In this way if you are a builder in these dangerous areas, the best thing you can do is find the right coverage that will protect your construction process and materials.

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