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Most commonly this insurance covers:

Bodily Injury
Damage to third party property
Personal injury
Advertising injury
Electronic data liability
Medical expenses
Defense costs
Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff
Supplemental payments

General Liability Insurance

Having General Liability as policy, your clients are guaranteed that they’ll be reimbursed in case of damaging their property or someone is injured during your work. It’s prefered to claim General Liability Insurance policy as soon as you start your business, for every kind of business including home-based.

This package is the best when business and its employees when claims are made against them from an outside party that were caused as a result of business operations. If one of your clients (or visitor) gets hurt while they’re at your office, this part of the insurance policy will kick in. In plain english, if you do something wrong that wasn’t intentional and someone is hurt then the insurance company will step up and defend you as well as pay damages. The types of liability claims a business can face, usually can be some of the most expensive.

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