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What is included in Flood Insurance?

Flood Insurance coverage is available to homeowners, condo owners, landlords, renters and business owners. With Flood Insurance you can cover:

Bodily injury and property damage liability
Furniture, clothing and other belongings
Certain cleanup expenses
Damages to your heating and cooling system
Repair or replacement of flooring

First steps to do if your home is Flooding

Call for Help- Call the authorities for help and informing them for the event - Renters: Call Your Landlord- Homeowners: Call Your Insurer

Document Everything- Before starting to clean the mess start documenting everything so you can show your insurer the extent of the damage.

Start the Cleanup Process- Cleaning up after a flood is a long, arduous process. You’ll need to remove the water, salvage any personal items you can, dry the space out, and disinfect any areas or objects the water touched.

Prevent Mold Damage

If you don’t have a Flood Insurance, file an insurance claim to prevent and be prepared for the future event.

Make sure you are safe and secure first!

Before entering the building, make sure the building is structurally secured without the risk of collapsing

Stop the Water at Its Source - Unless the flooding is due to an act of nature, find the source of the water and turn it off or seal it up

Turn Off the Electricity

Evacuate the Premises

Make sure that everyone in your house is safe and away from flooding. In the case of a natural disaster, locate a temporary shelter, either by asking authorities or listening to the local news.

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