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What does Contractors Insurance cover?

Property in transit - covering equipment, and losses to goods stored (on or off your premises), or being transported to or from your premises.

Workers Compensation- if any employee gets injured during work, the workers compensation covers for doctors appointment, medical costs and lost wages.

Trucks and other commercial - be risk free if you use your company’s vehicles for work purposes, and neglect paying for any claims resulting from an employee’s accident while driving a company vehicle, or their own vehicle while on company time.

Errors and comissions - covering any claims for negligence or other mistakes resulting in a loss to the customer during business activities If your contractors insurance misses any one aspect of this protection, your job and your company could be at serious risk.

Main Street P&C Insurance helps you get the best coverage for your Business

Contractor’s insurance is a must for anyone who works with residential and commercial buildings, such as general contractors, handymen, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more. Main Street P&C is ready to offer contractors insurance quotes that fits your basic contracting agreements and let you do your work without having to worry about the risk that may occur during you work.

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